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Revenue Management

Healthcare DevelopmentCandor Revenue Management provides solutions in every phase of the revenue cycle. Candor has vast experience in insurance billing, collecting patient due balances, and coding services for hospital, surgical, and physician claims. Other services include educating and training facility staff, implementing processes to eliminate billing errors thus expediting payments, and instituting strict follow-up protocols to prevent costly delays in processing.

Here are a few of the Revenue Management services offered:

  • Registration
  • Transcription
  • Coding
  • Billing
  • Collecting
  • Balance Billing
  • Reports:
    o The following are some of the types of reports we have provided in the past:

    • Beginning and ending A/R
    • Collections, Adjustments and Refunds
    • Case and procedure count
    • Days in A/R
    • Payor Mix
    • Specialty Mix
  • Manage Care Contracting
  • HIPPA Compliance